Tequila Corralejo Extra Añejo 1821

Bottle No. 93

The Cottage break-even program presents bottles that are exquisite and rare, outside of what you’ll typically see on menus and sold at our cost. Tuesdays only, we open the bottle at 4p and sell 1 oz pours until it’s gone.

Reservations are highly recommended but not required.


equila Extra Añejo Corralejo 1821, the year in which the independence of Mexico was consummated, thanks to the efforts of great people. Tequila 100% blue variety agave with double distillation in copper stills and 36 months of maturation in oak barrels no larger than 200 liters. Fine selection of barrels with a toasting that is the protagonist of the excellent flavor.

Colour: Amber tones with coppery sparkles and great body that is the result of the high quality of the process.

Scents: Sweet notes of cooked agave accentuated in spicy notes such as cinnamon, pepper, clove, as well as smoky notes from its fine roasting process that provides woody, herbal, coffee, walnut, apple and green pineapple notes.

Mouth finish: Perfect smoky and woody flavor with top notes of walnuts, almonds, vanilla and cooked agave that present an aftertaste with fine citrus and herbal chords, as well as soft notes of flowers, chocolate and spicy flavors such as cinnamon and pepper. The 36 months of maturation result in a Tequila with a smooth flavor and high quality.

5.060 | approximately 25 servings

The Cottage

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