Break-even Bottle No 164 | Gran Coramino Añejo

Bottle No. 164

The Cottage break-even program presents bottles that are exquisite and rare, outside of what you’ll typically see on menus and sold at our cost. Tuesdays only, we open the bottle at 4p and sell 1 oz pours until it’s gone.

Reservations are highly recommended but not required.


ur very special Añejo is matured for over one year in American oak and French oak barrels, then blended with an Añejo matured in ex-cognac casks, delivering a unique and silky, smooth taste. The finest blue agaves are hand-selected from the Beckmann family fields – the same fields that brought tequila to the U.S. more than 250 years ago. The agave piñas (hearts) are slow-roasted in traditional stone ovens and their juices are fermented and double-distilled in copper pot stills. The tequila is aged for over 12 months in American and French oak barrels, contributing rich, high-cacao chocolate, coffee, and tobacco flavors with sweet vanilla notes. Finally, our tequila is blended with a smooth Añejo, matured in ex-cognac barrels for a unique and very special taste. As you pour Gran Coramino, take in the delicious aroma of cooked agave and the deep amber color. As you drink, let the flavors mingle on your palate, then enjoy the long, balanced, oak-laced finish.


3.50 | approximately 25 servings

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