Break-even Bottle No 196 | Matsui Shuzo 5yr Sakura Single Cask

Bottle No. 196

The Cottage break-even program presents bottles that are exquisite and rare, outside of what you’ll typically see on menus and sold at our cost. Tuesdays only, we open the bottle at 4p and sell 1 oz pours until it’s gone.

Reservations are highly recommended but not required.


ounded in 1910, Matsui Shuzo started its life as a Sake and Shochu Brewery in Tottori Prefecture, Japan. In 2015, they acquired a distillation license and began to transition to a full scale distillery to produce Whiskey that utilizes locally grown ingredients, creating a 100% authentic Japanese Whiskey. In 2017 they had two copper pot stills commissioned and began full time production on site at their Matsui Shuzo Kurayoshi Distillery. Nestled a the bottom of Japan’s second largest mountain, Mt. Daisen, they bring their spirits to proof with the natural spring water from this location and age all of their Whiskey here.

The 5yr Single Sakura Cask expression represents the fruits of their labor in this limited edition production of Japanese Single Malt (only 300 bottles of this particular expression). Aged exclusively in Sakura wood sourced from Kyoto (the Cherry Blossom capital of the world) they let the Whiskey rest on site for 5 years before bottling. What resulted is a beautiful Whiskey that is unequivocally Japanese in style. Recent awards include a Double Gold at San Francisco World Spirits Competition and a ranking of Japanese Single Malt of the year and Japanese Whiskey of the year by Jim Murrays Whiskey Bible for their flagship Sakura Cask.

4.609 | approximately 25 servings


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