Linzy Collins – LIVE!

Live Music 1.0
We’re super, super excited to announce the return of live live music! Spring has sprung and we’re in Phase 3…whenever possible, The Cottage will be hosting artists live on the deck! Keep an eye on our events calendar for a list of onsite live music.

Limited indoor and patio reservations are now available! Additionally, we offer takeout food and full bar via carryout or our black (nitrile) glove fully contactless service; order through our Square store or by calling 425-286-6332. Please note that, in accordance with current Health Department guidelines, all guests must wear masks when not seated at a table.

Reservations are not required but highly recommended.


Linzy will be wowing you for tips and a percentage of sales…so please grab some takeout or click through below!
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With music and lyrics aimed straight at the heart…and a voice resonating with jazz, indie, and pop tones, the songs of Linzy Collins swoon with the romance of youth and bathe in the depth of life’s experience. Your experience. Hers. Heart things that embrace both love’s deepest desires and its broken expression. From the lightness of being and thrill of first romance to the rawness of betrayal and regret. From beginnings and all-things-new to the self-awareness born of age and understanding. Her songs will make your heart soar. They’ll make your heart weep. But most of all, they’ll hold you enthralled by their breathtaking scope, intimate, endearing moments, and superb, unforgettable music.

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