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Cooler weather is upon us, so The Cottage will be hosting artists live inside near the fireplace. Choose a seat inside to be near the action, or on the patio for a quieter evening. (There are speakers on the patio.)

Keep an eye on our events calendar for a list of upcoming live music.

Reservations are highly recommended but not required.


arah is a Seattle-based Americana singer-songwriter who fell in love with music at a young age, studying voice, guitar and trumpet. She grew up writing stories and poems which opened the door to songwriting.

At 15, she began performing locally at open mics in her hometown of Traverse City, MI. Her professional career began in 2013, playing at bars while studying at Michigan State University. Since then, she has performed in 26 states across the US, as well as England, Ireland and Czech Republic. She lives in Seattle, WA where she continues to perform at weddings, wineries, breweries, bars and restaurants. From 2016 through 2021, Sarah played almost 1,000 live shows. She honed her chops playing everything from Johnny Cash to The Weeknd to Sheryl Crow — all of which can be heard in her distinctly folksy-yet-not-folksy rhythm guitar playing. It’s a rare singer-songwriter that uses rhythm guitar just as much as vocal melody to define a song, but she takes pride in “driving the bus.” Her love for music is equal to her love for connecting with people – throughout her career, she has learned that music never fails to bring people together, whether performing in an intimate setting or for an upbeat celebration.

Sarah released two singles, “Caravan” (feat. Tyler McGinnis) in 2021, and “Birdie” in 2022. She performs with her band, The Hipocrats, who released their debut EP “Road to Joy” on June 10th, 2022. She  just returned from a 90 show, 4 and a half month nationwide tour with Tyler McGinnis, her songwriting partner and co-lead singer/guitarist of The Hipocrats. Stream “Road to Joy” anywhere you listen to music!


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