Don't Judge Me Hour

Weekdays | 8a to 3p

No one leaves the house in the morning anymore, but that shouldn’t prevent you from sneaking down to The Cottage for a morning “coffee.” $6 Bloody Marys, Screwdrivers, Greyhounds, and Mimosas…and no one will be the wiser.

Ladies' Night

Thursdays | 4p to close

Finally…ladies’ night returns! Happy hour all evening starting at 4p. Come early and stake your claim…whether you prefer a cozy table by the fire our out under the tent! (Please make a reservation if you wish to sit inside!)


Robbie Christmas - Album Release for ``Epilogue``

Friday, August 7 | 7 to 9p

Event will be live streamed from our Facebook Live page. No Facebook account is required.

STOP THE PRESSES! We’re very excited to bring you an exclusive live event tonight on our patio and live stream. Robbie Christmas has a new album “Epilogue” and we’ll be broadcasting his live stream premiere of the album from beginning to end, including a behind the scenes look into the process behind each song. This is as live as music will be for the foreseeable future in Washington State!

The album is a culmination of a lot of hard work and Robbie is so proud to be able to release it into the world. He hopes that you will join us on August 7th at 8p PDT! (And we’ll have some other entertainment on our patio starting at 7p.)

Linzy Collins

Saturday, August 8 | 6 to 8p

Event will be live streamed from our Facebook Live page. No Facebook account is required.

With music and lyrics aimed straight at the heart… and a voice resonating with jazz, indie, and pop tones, the songs of Linzy Collins swoon with the romance of youth and bathe in the depth of life’s experience. Your experience. Hers. Heart things that embrace both love’s deepest desires and its broken expression. From the lightness of being and thrill of first romance to the rawness of betrayal and regret. From beginnings and all-things-new to the self-awareness born of age and understanding. Her songs will make your heart soar. They’ll make your heart weep. But most of all, they’ll hold you enthralled by their breathtaking scope, intimate, endearing moments, and superb, unforgettable music.