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Your favorite thing on the menu, and you don’t even know what it is yet. Heck…we doesn’t even know what it is yet! Give us a sense of what you’re looking for, then let us work our magic.

Bougie Bothell Bourbon Sour


whiskey · lemon · simple syrup · Syrah float

The Smoke Show


Woodinville Rye · simple · bitters · absinthe

I’m Sprung Margarita


Unicorn Tequila · lychee · citrus · simple syrup

Black Powder


blackberry-&-pepper-infused Vido vodka · lemon juice · sparkling Syrah float

Suze-y Sunshine


whiskey · Suze liqueur · yuzu

BA Boulevardier


Michters Rye · Vecchio Amaro Del · Campari

Rotating Freezer Door Old Fashioned


featured whisk(e)y · simple syrup · bitters · ask your server about the featured whisk(e)y

The Cottage Buck


Uncle Nearest Rye · strawberry · saline · lemon bitters

The Cottage Mule


Belvedere Rye vodka · citrus · ginger beer · seasonal flavor

Phil Collins


vodka · citrus · coconut · pomegranate · BroVo Witty

We Didn’t Start The Fire


Junipero Gin · blood orange · Cynar · citrus · egg white

Emerald City Elixir


Del Maguey Vida Mezcal · BroVo Uncharted Rhapsody · pineapple · lime · bitters

Gigi’s Garden Martini


Browne Family Gigis Gin · lemon bitters · St. Germaine

BA One Eagle Over a Cuckoo’s Nest


Eagle Rare whiskey · Goslings rum · cranberry · lime

Season Refresh


vodka · dragon fruit · soda water · lemon · rosemary simple




brandy · orange caraçao · simple syrup · lemon juice

French Martini


vodka · Chambord · pineapple

Paper Plane


Woodinville Port Cask Whiskey · Amaro Nonino · Aperol · citrus

The Cottage Sour


You Pick: whiskey/amaretto/Empress Rose · lemon juice · simple syrup · egg white

The Last Word


gin · maraschino liqueur · Green Chartreuse · lime juice

Mai Tai


silver rum · orange curaçao · orgeat · lime · spiced rum float

Non Alcoholic Cocktails

Cardamom Ginger Soda


house made cardamom syrup · ginger beer · soda water · crystalized ginger · lime wheel

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Shrub is a Mocktail


The Shrub is a mocktail is a refreshing and vibrant beverage that tantalizes the taste buds with its delightful combination of tangy and sweet flavors.

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pomegranate · cranberry · lemon · soda water · thyme simple

to add spirit ask for “Just In Thyme”



Bartender’s Choice Whisk{e}y Flight- MP
Aberlour Cask Annamh- 13
Angel’s Envy Bourbon- 15
Angel’s Envy Rye- 24
Ardbeg Scortch- 16
Ballantine’s- 16
Ben Holladay- 20
Blantons- 22
Bookers- 18
Buffalo Trace- 15
Bulleit Bourbon- 13
Bulleit Rye- 13
Burnside Bourbon- 12
Burnside West End Blend- 12
Burnside Rye- 12
Eagle Rare- 12
E.H. Taylor Single Barrel- 20
Elijah Craig Small Batch – 12
Elmer T Lee Bourbon- 33
George T. Stagg- 65
Glenmorangie 13 Year- 17
Hibiki Harmony- 24 SOLD OUT
High West Bourbon- 12
High West High Country Whiskey- 16
High West Double Rye-12
High West Silver Whiskey- 18
Highland Park 18 Year- 27
Horse Soldier Straight Bourbon- 15
Horse Soldier Reserve Barrel Strength Bourbon- 25
Horse Soldier Small Batch Bourbon- 18
James E Pepper 1776 Bourbon- 11
James E Pepper 1776 Rye- 11
Jameson Black Barrel- 16
Johnnie Walker Black- 15
Johnnie Walker Double Black- 18
Johnnie Walker Gold- 21
Johnnie Walker Red- 12
J.P. Trodden Bourbon- 14 – SOLD OUT
Lagavulin 16 Year Single Malt Scotch- 20
Laphroaig Lore- 17
Laphroaig 10 Year- 15
Larceny Barrel Proof Bourbon- 14
Michter’s Bourbon- 14
Michter’s Rye- 14
Michter’s Barrel Strength Toasted Rye- 25
Nikka Whisky From The Barrel- 26
Nikka Whisky Single Malt Yoichi- 18
Nikka Whisky Single Malt Miyagikyo- 18
Nelson’s Green Brier Tennessee Mash- 14
Old Forester 1897- 12
Old Forester 1910- 16
Old Forester 1920- 18
Old Forester Statesman- 14
Oola Discourse Three Shores- 12
Pendleton- 12
Pittyvaich 30 Year- 40
Sazyrac Rye- 13
Suntory Whisky Toki- 16
Takamine 8 Year- 20
Teeling Small Batch- 13
Tenjaku Blended Whisky-14
The Balvenie Aged 14 Years- 17
Uncle Nearest 1856- 22
Uncle Nearest 1884- 16
Uncle Nearest Rye- 20
Weller Antique 107- 20
Weller 12 Year- 20
Weller Special Reserve- 20
Westland American Single Malt- 14
Whistlepig Piggyback Rye- 16
Whistlepig 10 Year Rye- 27
Whistlepig 12 Year Rye- 38
Whistlepig 15 Year Estate Oak Rye- 62
Woodinville Whiskey Bourbon- 14
Woodinville Whiskey Port Cask- 14
Woodinville Whiskey Rye- 14
Yamazaki 12 Year- 45
Yellow Spot- 39

Rum & Cane

Don Q- 9
Goslings Black Seal- 10
Kirk & Sweeney 12 Year Aged- 12
Kraken Spiced- 10
Plantation 3 Stars Silver- 12
Sun Liquor Sun Rum Silver- 12
Diplomatico Reserva- 12
Cachaça 61- 12

Brandy & Cognac

E&J VS- 9
Alto del Carmen Pisco Reservado – 11
Courvoisier VS- 11
Hennessey VS- 12
Courvoisier XO- 22
Bronson XO- 30

Tequila | Mezcal

Pueblo Viejo- 9
Del Maguey Vida- 12
Don Fulano- 12
Dos Hombres Joven- 13
Herradura Blanco- 12
Herradura Reposado- 14
Herradura Añejo- 16
Herradura Ultra- 14
Los Vecinos Espadín- 14
Burrito Fiestero Mezcal- 13


BroVo Gin- 9
Aviation- 12
Big Gin- 14
Empress Gin- 12
Grey Whale- 12
Hendricks- 14
Junipero- 12
Nikka Coffey Still- 12
Scapegrace- 10
Tanqueray- 12


Blue Spirits Vodka- 9
Andy’s Farm-Crafted- 12
Dry Fly- 12
Ketel One- 12
Titos- 12
Vido Vodka- 11

Amari & Herbal

Cynar- 9
Amaretto- 11
Fernet Branca- 10
BroVo Unchartered Forest- 13
Absinthe- 11

Apéritif, Digestif & Vermouth

Temple Limoncello- 12
Aperol- 11
Campari- 11
Lillet- 12
Cocchi Americano- 10


De Faveri | Prosecco

12 | 44

A fresh, elegant sparkling wine filled with pleasing aromas typical of the best Proseccos. The flavor is dry. Excellent as an aperitif, and with all meals. Ideal with shellfish, oysters and scampi. A wonderful accompaniment for vegetable or fish tempura. It also pairs well with light, simple fish dishes

Treviso, Italy | NV

JP Chenet | Blanc de Blanc Brut

11 | 42

Crisp, dry and lively…but subtle and sophisticated. Nose – soft, elegant, dry, clean and fresh. The Bubbles – active, flirtatious, intense in number but soft bubble on the palate. Aromas focus on balance of freshness, varietal, and place…the French finesse of terroir and flavors of red apples, citrus fruit, a very clean and bright finish.

France | NV

J Laurens | Sparkling Rosé

12 | 44

This pale sparkling rosé opens with delicate notes of firm peach, cherry pit and watermelon rind. A soft toasty character adds depth to the medium-weight palate, while the creamy mouthfeel is lifted by bright acidity and tart notes of red currant and strawberry hull that linger on the close.

A blend of 60% Chardonnay, 30% Chenin Blanc and 10% Pinot Noir from one of our favorite go-to sparkling wines from the south of France.

Treveri | Sparkling Syrah

12 | 44

A one-of-a-kind wine that combines rich flavors of blackberry, pepper, cherries, and a hint of tobacco for a dark and delicious treat that is all its own. The growing climate for Syrah in Eastern Washington is perfect; long, hot summer days with cooler nights, combined with the rich soils left over from the Missoula Floods bring out an ideal blend of fruit and acid, allowing the winemakers to produce the finest Syrah.

Yakima Valley, WA | NV

Sparkling | Bottle

Lytle Barnett Blanc de Noir


The wine expresses the warmth and richness of its full structure. With fresh strawberry and cream notes, pound cake, and rhubarb. The straw hue of the wine is punctuated by the fine and persistent mousse, as fruit and yeast notes linger through its long finish.

Oregon, Eola-Amity Hills | 2017

Moët & Chandon | Imperial | Brut


Moët Impérial is the House’s iconic champagne. Created in 1869, it embodies Moët & Chandon’s unique style, distinguished by its bright fruitiness, seductive palate, and elegant maturity. Created from more than 100 different wines, of which 20% to 30% are reserve wines specially selected to enhance their maturity, complexity, and constancy, the assemblage reflects the diversity and complementarity of the three grape varieties. The delicious sumptuousness of white-fleshed fruits (pear, peach, apple), The alluring caress of fine bubbles, the soft vivacity of citrus fruit, and nuances of gooseberry.

Epernay, France | NV

White Wine | Glass or Bottle

Palencia | Albariño

12 | 44

Double Gold and 96 points at The 2022 Seattle Wine Awards. This amazing white is bursting at the seams with bright fruit flavor, and gives a flavor profile of ripe cantaloupe, apricot, and honeydew melon. Following with citrus & lemon zest flavors that are framed with bright minerality that coats and refreshes the palate.

Ancient Lakes, Columbia Valley, WA | 2021


Chehalem | Pinot Gris

12 | 44

The aromatics of this wine are bright and clean, with a sprinkle of white blossoms. The palate is balanced with flavors of stone fruits such as apricots and peaches, with the support of the vibrant acidity, and finishes with lingering notes of candied lemon peel.

Willamette Valley, OR | 2022

Arona | Sauvignon Blanc

11 | 42

Intense and pithy attack which is rich, textured (dare I say phenolic), soft and tropical. Then follows the mid palate which has a ridiculously aromatic “gin and tonic” quality with all the flavors of the nose making an appearance which remain taut before fattening to a finish of great length that is held together by a peaky, mouth-watering acidity while at the same time being rich and textured.

Marlborough, New Zealand | 2021

Amity Vineyards | White Pinot Noir

12 | 44

The Amity White Pinot Noir was sourced from Hylo Vineyard located in the Northern Willamette Valley. The fruit was picked in the cool early morning and gently pressed to minimize color and tannin extraction yet provide the subtle layers of tart and juicy fruit. After settling for 24 hours, the juice is cleanly racked and fermented in a stainless-steel tank. We age this wine sur lie to create generous yet soft texture, and provide balance to its mouthwatering finish.

Willamette Valley, OR | 2022

L’Ecole No. 41 | Chardonnay

13 | 46

The 2021 Chardonnay soothes with its sweetly seductive blend of candied apples, toffee and white flowers. It’s deeply textural with medium-bodied weight as ultra-ripe orchard fruits are nicely balanced by brisk acidity and salty mineral tones. This leaves nuances of vanilla custard balanced by a bitter twang of hazelnut while tapering off potent yet fresh. The Heritage Chardonnay presents inviting aromas of ripe pear, lemon, and green apple. Pleasant and bright in the mouth, it features a classic expression of light toast and lemon oil. Contrasting flavors of white pepper and nuances of nutmeg add interest and carry the wine through to a flavorful finish.

Ancient Lakes of Columbia Valley | 2021

Stone Cap | Chardonnay

9 | 34

Our 2020 Estate Chardonnay is bright and refreshing with expressive floral notes. Citrus fruit flavors blend with lush tropical fruit and mineral notes, perfectly pairing with fresh seafood or grilled poultry.

Columbia Valley, WA | 2020

Kiona Vineyards | Chenin Blanc

12 | 44

The aromas bring appeal, with notes of freshly cut red apple and melon, still settling into the bottle. The palate is full of fruit flavors, bringing viscosity but also deftness. There’s compelling tension between the sweetness of the fruit and the acid.

Columbia Valley, WA | 2022

Castle and Crown | Dry Riesling

13 | 46

This refreshingly dry Riesling is highlighted by notes of Meyer lemon, lime curd, citrus blossoms, jasmine, ginger and mango skin.

Columbia Valley, WA | 2020

White Wine | Bottle

Alloro Vineyard | Chardonnay


A bright and attractively floral chardonnay with pears and white flowers on the nose. This leads to a palate that offers attractive, lemon focus and a neatly restrained, focused finish.

Chehalem Mountains, OR | 2016


Lone Birch | Syrah & Sangiovese

11 | 42

Strawberry jam, guava, pomegranate, and hints of kiwi aromatics create an impression of sweetness on the nose that finishes dry. Fresh flavors of tart pie cherries, hints of dried cranberry, and fresh rhubarb leave the palate refreshed with crisp acidity. Fruit is sourced from their 830-acre estate vineyard located in the Yakima Valley. Blend: 83% Syrah, 17% Sangiovese

Yakima Valley, WA | 2019

Portlandia | Pinot Gris/Pinot Noir

12 | 44

This blend of Pinot Noir & Pinot Gris is tight and focused, with lovely citrus blossom and rose petal scents. Flavors follow, adding strawberry, watermelon and minerally acids to the mix. They persist through a long, fresh finish.

Williamette Valley, OR | 2021

Dunham Cellars | Cabernet Franc

14 | 52

This rosé offers up attractive aromas of strawberry, guava, melon, and wet stone. The palate is full of juicy fruit flavors including wild strawberry, starfruit, and grapefruit. A bright, clean acidity with a touch of minerality highlights the refreshing fruit notes while also cleansing the palate for your next delicious sip.

Columbia Valley, WA | 2023

Red Wine | Glass or Bottle

Betz | SUNU | Pinot Noir

15 | 54

SUNU Willamette Valley is a snapshot of multiple vineyard sites, clonal selections and winemaking techniques and represents the marine sedimentary soils which we find so compelling in Northern Oregon. It’s a blend of each of our blocks, with individual barrels selected based on their early approachability and youthful generosity. An absolutely incredible value, it’s elegant, complex and unmistakably Willamette Valley.

Cherry and sliced green-strawberry aromas with some watermelon. Medium body, firm tannins and a fresh finish. Dark-hibiscus and candied-citrus aftertaste

Willamette Valley, OR | 2019

Sparkman | Wonderland | Grenache

15 | 54

The 2020 Wonderland leads with a nose of wildflowers, red raspberry, strawberry, and sandalwood, leading to a flavor rush of rhubarb, strawberries, raspberries, Asian spices, and vanilla.

Columbia Valley, WA | 2020

Michael Florentino | Sangiovese

15 | 54

Sangiovese have elegant soft aromas.This has a fruit forward bouquet of cherries and plums with a hint of spices, chocolate and earthiness.

Red Mountain, WA | 2014


Madrona Bay | Rhone Blend | Elocution

16 | 58

On the nose, this wine has depth! Plum, blueberry compote, rose, herbs de Provence and you could keep on going.

Yakima Valley, WA | 2019

Two Vintners | Merlot

15 | 54

We will say it again: Merlot is good for you. Washington Merlot can stand up against all the best Merlot on the planet. We mean that. It’s special here and Morgan’s belief is that Merlot is the very best Bordeaux variety that Washington grows. This conviction has stayed with him since his time at Columbia Crest in 2006 when he formed the ideology that Syrah and Merlot were the best wines that Washington had to offer the world. That idea was the basis for the beginnings of Two Vintners and we have championed Merlot ever since, and always will. Candle smoke, cherry gummy, licorice, raspberry, vanilla bean and a whiff of orange zest are followed by plump feeling flavors with a light grip of tannin.

Columbia Valley, WA | 2019

Stone Cap | Merlot

9 | 34

Stone Cap is made with estate-grown grapes from the expansive and renowned Goose Ridge Vineyards in Washington State’s Columbia Valley. This Valley and its surrounding rivers were formed during the Ice Age. The soil in this region is frequently wind-blown, leaving a ‘Stone Cap’ on the top of the hill. Our StoneCap Estate Merlot is velvety with flavors of red berry, cherry, and notes of mocha that pairs perfectly with veal or gilled salmon.

Columbia Valley, WA | 2019

Avennia | Lydian | GSM

14 | 52

We believe Washington vineyards produce some of the finest building blocks in the world. With these grapes, and the collective talent behind those growing and working with them, Lydian wines can be as complex, nuanced, and profound as any jazz classic. Fresh and lively on the palate, with strawberry, red cherry, and hints of savory earth, fresh mint, and lavender. A delicious wine.

Columbia Valley, WA | 2021

Pondera | Cab Franc

17 | 62

This Cabernet Franc is such a delightful and captivating wine, delicate but in no way dull. The nose is filled with candied black cherry, ripe blueberry and pretty scents of soft violet and subdued woody spicy notes. The color is a clear sparkling ruby red with a soft hued magenta rim and legs that hypnotically flow down the glass.

The front palette is ripe black cherry, black currant and vanillin followed by wild blackberry, Marion berry and red raspberry, finishing with plum, dark chocolate and soft spices. All the flavors are so expertly integrated and balanced, in every aspect a textbook perfect wine, which is probably the reason it was awarded a Double Gold from SIP Magazine’s Best of the Northwest Competition.

Woodinville, WA | 2019

Alleromb | Cuvée B | Merlot/Cabernet Sauvignon/Malbec

15 | 54

Red and black currants, cocoa powder, plum skin and dark spices. Swirling brings up plum puree, dehydrated strawberries and a hint of sweet lightly toasted vanilla bean. The palate is round and plush with good mid palate sweetness and good acidity. A complex and generous mixture of smoldering red berries and silky tannins carry the finish. An absolutely delicious entry into our Bordeaux reds.

Columbia Valley, WA | 2017

Mark Ryan Winery | Board Track Racer | Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon

16 | 58

This second label from Mark Ryan Winery is making a name in its own right. Blackberry, black plum, clove, Mandarin orange essence and spice are followed by well-balanced chocolate and cherry flavors.

Columbia Valley, WA | 2021

Quady North | 4-2,A | Syrah

15 | 54

This wine combines the nuanced expressions of a few select sites in So. Oregon’s Rogue and Applegate Valleys. Dark fruit and roasted aromas overlaya silky smooth texture with a long, supple finish. 4-2,A (or “fortooay,” think Cabernet , Chardonnay , Viognier) was coined by our daughter, Margaux as the varietal name she gave to her own impromptu blends of water and juice.

Rogue Vallery, Southern OR | 2021

Guardian Cellars | Chalk Line | Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah

15 | 54

In its 16th vintage, Chalk Line has become a fan-favorite for all occasions. From once-in-a-lifetime celebrations to Tuesday taco night, this wine always over-delivers. Comprised of 40% Cabernet Sauvignon, 29% Syrah, 26% Merlot and 5% Petit Verdot, this vintage is a blend in the truest sense – it was sourced from all of our red-wine vineyards. For 2021, Chalk Line features notes of sweet blackberry, black cherry, and vanilla. The mouthfeel is vibrant, balanced, and full of nicely structured tannins. This wine was aged 19 months on 41% new French oak before bottling.

Columbia Valley, WA | 2021

Efestē | Final Final | Cabernet Sauvignon & Syrah

22 | 82

Cabernet is the foundation of this wine, adding power, structure, richness, grip and complexity. Syrah brings generous, juicy, ripe flavors and a spicy nature.

Columbia Valley, WA | 2019

COR Cellars | Tempranillo

15 | 54

Tempranillo is usually the varietal that marks the beginning of harvest for our still wines. Wanting to add a light bodied red with the ability to be chilled to the line up, Tempranillo entered the picture in 2011 at COR. While diversifying our portfolio, there is the added bonus that the vineyard site is next to one of the best burrito places in the state, a welcome stop during harvest sampling. Like Joe Strummer ambling on an Arabian down a dusty trail. Less Spanish bomb and more Spanish trot. Unexpected, herbal, smoky, and just a bit punk rock. When this Tempranillo drops, you’re going to feel it.

Columbia Valley, WA | 2020

Red Wine | Bottle

Efestē | Ceidleigh | Syrah


Red Mountain’s AVA is apparent as this wine opens with a slight hint of pleasant menthol aromas and grilled meats. The mouthfeel is jammy, full of candied red fruits. This wine ends with classic silky tannins.

Red Mountain, Yakima Valley, WA | 2016

Long Shadows Vintners | Pirouette | Cabernet Sauvignon/Merlot/Malbec/Petit Verdot


The 2019 Pirouette is an expressive wine that opens slowly to reveal oak spice and a kaleidoscope of red and black fruit aromas and flavors that become more vivid as the wine develops in the glass. Textured and richly concentrated on the palate, the wine’s voluptuous mouthfeel and refined tannins stretch across a long, satisfying finish.

Columbia Valley, WA | 2019

Long Shadows Vintners | Chester-Kidder | Cabernet Sauvignon/Merlot/Petit Verdot SOLD OUT


A beautifully dark and concentrated wine with gorgeous aromatics. The mouthfeel is soft and lush on entry with sweet spice that becomes rich on the wine’s mid-palate. Fresh fig and ripe plum flavors are interwoven with notes of graphite and an alluring earthiness. A structured, solid wine with a silky, textured mouthfeel and a flavorful, vibrant finish.

Columbia Valley, WA | 2018

Quilceda Creek | 2017 Cabernet Sauvignon


The 2017 Quilceda Creek Cabernet Sauvignon Columbia Valley showcases the singular and elusive perfume of Champoux Vineyard at its very best. Aromas and flavors of violets, lavender, blackberry, cassis, and plum fruit can be found in the wine with nuances of cocoa nib, spice, and minerals. The ethereal, silky texture allows the rich fruit to coat the palate in a horizontal fashion, allowing the taster to experience the purity and seamless integration of all its elements in wonderful harmony. Drink now through 2040.

Columbia Valley, WA | 2017

Quilceda Creek | 2015 Cabernet Sauvignon


The 2015 Quilceda Creek Cabernet Sauvignon Columbia Valley is a truly majestic wine with great purity, class and breed. The wealth of blackberry, blueberry and black cherry fruit is remarkable, with hints of spring flowers, cocoa powder, roasted herbs, forest floor and minerals. This wine will have a large drinking window due to the seamless integration of all its elements. Drink now through 2037.

Columbia Valley, WA | 2015

Leonetti Cellars | Cabernet Sauvignon


Inky depth of color. A classic and timeless Cabernet nose sporting notes of ripe blackberry and marionberry, cassis, dried herbs, olive tapenade, cedar, vanilla, and coffee. The palate is balanced with bright acidity and sings with notes of plum, black cherry and baking spices. The tannins are beautifully elegant in this vintage and the wine rewards with a very soft and long finish.

Walla Walla, Wa | 2019

Efestē | Big Papa | Cabernet Sauvignon


Named for the Ferrelli family patriarch, this is our flagship Cabernet Sauvignon. Blended from old vines in some of Washington’s top vineyards, this wine is dark, deep, and full of classic Cabernet Sauvignon flavors and aromas. This single grower Old Vine Cab opens with nice smooth, leathery notes for the second straight vintage. It’s peppery and almost chocolatey. The oak program lends to the mouthfeel as it has excellent length and roundness in the tannins and big bold flavors of black currant. The finish is long and perfectly balanced.

Bacchus, Sagemoor, Dionysus, WA | 2020

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