Barnard Griffin Winery

Week 166

Every Wednesday we feature a local winery for tastings…$10 buys you 3 tastings! Retail bottles will be available; the tasting fee will be applied toward your purchase, or enjoy a bottle with dinner and we’ll waive the corkage fee.

Reservations are highly recommended but not required.


arnard Griffin has pioneered quality wine production in Washington State since 1983. With Rob Griffin as Head Winemaker and his wife Deborah Barnard as Co-Owner, Barnard Griffin is a family operation, continuing to this day with their daughter, Megan Hughes as Second-Generation Winemaker. Decisions at Barnard Griffin are driven by Rob and Deborah’s lifelong dream to make world-class wines on their terms: a desire to put the absolute best wine in everyone’s glass, regardless of their budget. Barnard Griffin strives to make exceptional wines that speak to the Columbia Valley–a journey which starts with having the highest standards for growers and the winery’s production. Mr Griffin goes to Washington …and the rest, is history. Not really. Starting a winery and maintaining its trajectory for nearly 40 years is no small feat. Rob and Deborah started Barnard Griffin with a small truckload of borrowed fruit, fermented in rented cellar space. Ready to create a story of their own, together they have worked tirelessly to keep their dream flourishing. Today, Barnard Griffin remains an integral piece of the Washington wine scene.


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